LIILESY Peel and Stick Armpit Sweat Pads
LIILESY Peel and Stick Armpit Sweat Pads
LIILESY Peel and Stick Armpit Sweat Pads
LIILESY Peel and Stick Armpit Sweat Pads
LIILESY Peel and Stick Armpit Sweat Pads
LIILESY Peel and Stick Armpit Sweat Pads
LIILESY Peel and Stick Armpit Sweat Pads
LIILESY Peel and Stick Armpit Sweat Pads
LIILESY Peel and Stick Armpit Sweat Pads

Peel and Stick Armpit Sweat Pads

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Avoid sweat stains and ruining your expensive clothing with deodorant marks with this ultra absorbent Peel and Stick Armpit Sweat Pads. When deodorant and antiperspirant aren't enough to keep you dry throughout the day, this underarm pads is the best solution to your problem!

  • These Peel and Stick Armpit Sweat Pads are a simple and natural way to eliminate wet marks that can be used every day or just those special moments when you feel like you need extra protection.
  • These underarm pads are creatively designed liners that can be put directly into the inseams of your clothes. It can be worn horizontally, vertically or can be trimmed to fit into oddly sized shirts.
  • These armpit sweat pads are disposable and super easy to use. Simply peel and stick the underarm pads to the inseams of your t-shirts or blouse and let it do the job.
  • These underarm pads are definitely safe to use. Safe to use on all fabrics even on silk. Adhesive stays in place yet remove easily with no residue left behind.


  • Product Type: Deodorant & Antiperspirants
  • Item Type: Peel and Stick Underarm Pads / Sweat Pads
  • Material: Cotton
  • Net Weight: 5g
  • Quantity: 100pcs / 50pairs

Package Includes:

  • 50 Pairs * Underarm Sweat Pads


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
effective pads!

The pads provide a completely secure feeling. No more worries about unsightly sweat stains. Sweat smell is absorbed. Just awesome.
Even with strong physical activity and temperatures above 30 degrees, the pads are good. Absolutely to suggest! Better and more effective than any deodorant.


Tried and passed the test successfully. Do exactly what they should. If one observes the application instructions exactly (attaching / removing) then that works fine!

sweat free

the whole day ... the whole night, just sweat-free .. no visible sweating anymore ...
sticks very well and absorbs the moisture well, without leaving a feeling of wetness.


super product, no more sweat stains. very satisfied.

best choice

I have been recommended such pads by colleagues and I have long doubted, but then tested and the pads are definitely the best choice. Keeping great, are not visible through normal clothing and prevent typical "sweat stains", even on busy days. For office work and shirts wearer a perfect solution!


Perfect! Have been looking for such a product for some time. I wore the pads an entire evening to a delicate blouse. Not a single sweat stain was visible and you can not feel it.

best product

I have been using the product for a while and am satisfied. The pads are easy to apply, have a high adhesive strength and prevent the formation of perspiration on the clothing. For my needs, it is currently the best product on the market

great product

the underarm pads help me to handle everyday life without sweat stains. Stick well to the skin and can be taken off well again. A great product - only to be recommended !!!

very useful

I use the pads from time to time, for example, on dates where no sweat stains should be visible or in appropriate clothing where sweat marks clearly visible. I am glad that there is this product, the real help for or against the excessive sweating I have not found yet. The glue is very good, so the pads are not lost and do not slip. I have no problems removing the pads.

very cool!

I am very satisfied. They feel pleasant on the skin and can absorb a lot of fluid.

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